Networking with the Hall Family

Dear Friends:

God is on the move and it is great to be on the frontlines of ministry. From the city to the bush, from the open plains to the mosquito swamps. On foot, in boats, 4x4’s and airplanes, what a life to serve with the Lord Jesus. After 30+ years in missions we continue to press on.

Some of you may already know that we, the Halls, are excited about returning to Africa in 2016.

Africa is home to our hearts, as it is for our four girls. God has called us into full-time missions no matter where we live in the world. Our time in the States has been wonderful but the African frontier continues to call.

Jette and I have spent basically all our lives involved in world missions. Having both grown up in Africa, our hearts continually stir for the African people. Working in Africa for these many years has opened doors with many different ministries in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo and Zambia.

Vision and Purpose:
For years we have served in the building arena; building bible colleges, churches, clinics, etc. God has blessed Lyle with these skills and they will always be useful on the field.

However, our attention and passion is now turning towards developing leaders and discipling the next generation of African missionaries. This is a tremendous need throughout Africa and the invitations are endless. Through sport, intense discipleship schools, pastoral workshops, training local pastors to plant local churches, working among Muslims and ministering to other missionaries.

The work among the Massai people in Tanzania and Kenya continues to grow. There has been much favour, so our continued work among these nomadic people is something we look forward to with great anticipation. Revival is in the air and they are hungry for it.

Partner with us

Allow us to take some time to talk about our ministry life, family life, budget & expenses etc. in relation to partnering with a church, home group, individual and what that relationship might look like.

We have had people ask how they can be more involved with what we are doing, in financial support but also what they can do in addition to sending financial support.

We find that the saying “Out of sight, out of mind” rings very true when it comes to these long-distance relations between the supporters and the missionary – how can we change that? Still being connected even though we do not see each other on a regular basis?
In this day of technology, there are many good ways to keep in touch with one another; E-mail, blogging, Skype, Facebook etc. Hindrances to this relationship from both sides come from the busyness of life, out of sight out of mind, forgetting the purpose, simply not taking the time to invest. It goes for both sides, this is also hard for us on the field, a real challenge.

Missions is a peculiar mixture of joy and hardship, rewards and challenges. Living and working in Africa can be very challenging on so many levels; ministry, relationships, family, immigration, language, finances, health, projects, travel, housekeeping, schooling, safety, vehicles, friendships, spiritual warfare and spiritual growth, loneliness, etc.

Join with us for a common purpose that together we expand the Kingdom of God through equipping, discipling, evangelising, building, leadership training, sports coaching, teaching, and helping others reach into unreached areas with the gospel.

Prayer Partners:
To have likeminded people backing us and covering us in prayer enables us to move and minister with confidence that we are not alone. And this goes both ways.

We greatly need prayer partners; people who continually and faithfully pray for us. The power of witchcraft and Islam is real. Being covered in prayer is very crucial. Please inform us if you are interested in partnering with us in prayer/intercession.

Some other ideas in Partnerships:

  • We try to write quarterly newsletters, but it would be great to also hear from you; church bulletins, sermon cd’s (which can also bless others), news in the church. We wish to still feel like members of your church / group / lives; not like we have left the church just because we are in a different location. God has called us to be like an extended arm, but we still would like to be involved. Maybe different individuals or families could take turns writing us? Although Skype and Facebook is a great way to stay in touch, it is always fun to receive an actual letter.
  • As a missionary, I, Lyle, would love to receive a book from my pastor, which he has read and knows would benefit me and others on the field.
  • Pastoral visits or church teams to come out every 2-3 years, so we can fellowship and share our lives together.
  • We love it when people have prayed for us more specifically and then share a scripture or a picture that is personal for us, as parents but this is also huge for the girls.
  • Family projects: Shoes for our kids, home school materials, dental visits, orthodontics.
  • Up-keep of vehicles, our fuel cost in Tanzania ($8 per Gallon!)
  • Prayer partners. Knowing we had 25+ faithful intercessors would mean so much to us… to know that we are covered in prayer, protected by prayer as we go in to challenging situations.
  • Kids could have penfriends in church.
  • Their birthdays could be remembered with a card.
  • Skype calls 2-3 times a year with church, maybe more often with individuals.
  • Maybe we could start an Adopt-a-Pastor-in-Africa program? Supporting a local pastor means supporting a whole church.
    • Mark Murenje; Masai pastor, travels hundreds of miles on foot to preach
    • Pastor Ezra Mtamya (oversees 118 churches in Tanzania)
    • Pastor Max (oversees 15 churches in Zambia)
    • Simba Ulanga – has suffered greatly for his work among Muslims.
  • These are people that we know well and trust, real men of God.
  • Specific Ministry Projects: Church, clinic, a motorbike for a pastor, a bag of rice for someone in need etc.
  • Each church or home group could commit to sponsor one ministry trip for Lyle per year. To Ethiopia, Kenya, the Massai, Zambia, Sports Training Workshop, or to Congo to run a pastors’ seminar. Estimated at $1500 - $1800 each trip.


We are looking for 100 people/families to support us at $0.83/day; or $25/month (or more)

We ask that you get behind us even this month and join us on this wonderful journey. The fun part would be that one day you would come visit our home and experience what God is doing among the beautiful African people.

Expenses for the Halls returning to Africa long term:

  • Halls need to build a house - $55,000
  • Family Vehicle - $15,000
  • Solar System - $8,000
  • Digging a well for clean water - $13,000

Several different ways to support:

Tax receipts are available; The Kings Ministries is a non-profit 501C3 registered.

1. Write and Send a check to:
The King’s Ministries
c/o Halls
11803 93rd Ave. N.E. #105
Kirkland WA. 98034

2. Wire Transfer:
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. U.S. Bank
Bank Routing Number: 101089292 Routing # 101000187
Account Number: 7091367537 Account # 145572924002

If there is automatic wire, please send to inform our treasurer.

3. For Lake Sammamish Foursquare Church:

Pay with VISA card

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Give” tab on the right
  3. In the “Campaign” drop-down, choose “Missions, Lyle and Jette Hall”
  4. Enter the amount and follow the steps from there

4. Pay pal: Use the following email address:

Financial Partners

There are different ways that you can support;

  • A one-time gift
  • Monthly gifts
  • Cover our internet and phone expenses each month - $120
  • Help pay for fuel toward a ministry trip. (Fuel is $8 a gallon in Tanzania)
  • Purchase one plane ticket a year for Lyle’s travels. E.g. to Ethiopia, about $800
  • Help with the shipping cost for the girls’ home school materials - $500 each year
  • Help with orthodontic expenses for the girls - $2,600 balance
  • Or just simply 83 cents a day equals $25 a month

We support several African pastors; if you would help out in this, it would be a great blessing.

Contact us:

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Lyle Simba’s blog:  (Something to think about and more)
Face Book: Hers - Jette Hall ---- His – Lyle Simba

Dr. Livingstone:
In the 1800s the great explorer and missionary to Africa, Dr. Livingstone, once said, “God had only one son and he was a missionary.” Friends, we are all too be missionaries to this hurting world, some are called to Go, some are called to send and there are even those who do both! Let us keep the deeper purpose in mind no matter where we live and what we do, we are the image of God.