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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to developing leaders and discipling the next generation of African missionaries and local church & community leadership.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

We work through intense discipleship, pastoral workshops, sports, training local pastors and helping other missionaries.

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Our Actions

Our Actions
We work among the Massai people in Tanzania and Kenya, at Masumbo Camp and parner with YWAM Myrtle Beach, YWAM Africa, TTN, Operation Mobilization
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About Frontline Perspectives

This site will focus on frontline topics, involving culture, worldviews, people groups, theology and missions, aid and poverty. Some of these topics may keep us friends or can make us enemies. We all have different perspectives depending on what we have been exposed to and what we have experienced in our lives.

About Lyle Simba

Lyle and Jette Hall

In 1969 at the age of three along with my brother, sister and parents of course, I boarded my first PanAm Airline and was off to Liberia West Africa. Growing up surrounded with thick jungles and a strong animistic worldview my life began to take form, in a society where 2+2 does not always equal 4.

Spending 30 plus years out on the field, living in 7 different countries and visiting as many as 70 I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. From the beautiful beaches to the poverty of the slums. Climbing the second highest mountain and diving the depth of different seas of the world.

Sometimes eating things that one should not eat, sleeping in places where one should not sleep and riding in or on transport where one should not be travelling.

I have seen the good and also the damage from western aid programs to church projects. Great missionaries to the not so great missionaries. Working with about 8 different mission organizations from the radical to the conservative. Living a life full of adventure and have a few stories to tell.

As a Christian, builder, missionary, pastor I have seen the beauty of what God has done and is doing in the lives of people throughout the world to restore their dignity and eternity. I have seen God move in the deepest swamps of Zambia to the largest city in the Philippians.

Meeting my wife to be in Tanzania, engaged by the Sea of Japan, married in a castle in Denmark and honeymooned in Mexico, my beautiful wife Jette, born in Denmark but also grown up in Africa with her missionary parents. Together we now are raising our four daughters. Together we all serve manly in Tanzania but continue to get around to other parts of the world in different aspects of ministry.